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Our Commitment and determination in implementing innovative and diverse solutions that builds up long-term partnerships with clients ultimately drives our success and continuous improvement. We abide a non-tolerated set of values that maintain our position as one the leaders of our industry with special focus on sustainable designs and execution.

We at IHPCO have a main mission; is to Continuously Strive for Excellence; by defining our limiting beliefs, stepping out for difficult tasks, our continuing effort to bring our customers up to the minute technologies, managing our highly qualified staffs with trust, and our quick response to change.


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Commitment to governance

IHPCO is committed to exceptional corporate governance policies and practices that are fundamental to the long-term success and prosperity of IHPCO and its subsidiaries. IHPCO regularly reviews its governance practices to address its obligations as a responsible corporate entity.

Board Responsibilities

The Board Charter sets out the role, structure, responsibilities and operation of the Board as well as the function and division of responsibilities between the Board and senior management.

Following the appointment of the new CEO in 2019, a comprehensive review of the Board and its committees was undertaken.

A range of opportunities was identified to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Board process and the responsibilities reserved specifically for the Board and its committees. Following this review, the main responsibilities specifically reserved for the Board include the following:

  • Approval of the business strategy and vision in line with the objective to drive securityholder value creation
  • Approval of business plans including operating budgets
  • Receiving, considering and approving the Group’s financial reports
  • Determining capital structure and distribution policy
  • Benchmarking the delivery of value to customers, clients and partners
  • Reviewing the performance of the Group CEO in conjunction with the People and Culture Committee