Referral of a tender for the establishment of the Amman Criminal Court to IHPCO

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing, through the Government Bidding Department, referred the central tender No. (61/2020) for the establishment of the Amman Criminal Court / Juwaida to Issa Haddadin & Partners Company, with a total amount of approximately 10 million dinars. It was noted that the project consists of two buildings; The first consists of 7 floors for the Amman Criminal Court in the Juwaida area, with an estimated area of 27 thousand square meters, and the second consists of two floors for the warehouses of the Badia Forces in the headquarters of the Royal Badia Forces, with an approximate area of 320 square meters. The building was designed to include (17) judicial bodies, and each body has a courtroom, judges' offices, follow-up clerks' offices and all the necessary facilities in the court, in addition to providing modern halls, waiting rooms for lawyers and auditors, car parking and services. The project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2025.