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IHPCO is always proud to share the projects we have worked on. All of our projects are equally important to us, no matter how big or small these CAPEX projects are. It is about delivering quality projects by our committed team. When a client reports being satisfied and happy with the work we have done it is because we exceeded expectations and we have our jobs well. This is our aim for every assignment we complete.

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Al Jwaideh Courthouse


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project consists of two buildings, the first building consists of 7 floors for the Amman Criminal Court in the Juwaida area, with an estimated area of (27,000) square meters. The second building is a two-story building for the Badia Forces’ warehouses at the headquarters of the Royal Badia Forces, with an approximate area of 320 square meters. The building was designed to include (17) judicial bodies, and each body has a courtroom, judges’ offices and all the necessary facilities in the court.

CLIENT: Ministry of Public Works & Housing


SCOPE: All works

Ajloun Teleferik


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Ajloun cable car project consists of a cable car system that extends with an approximate length of 2850 m between plots 36 and 43 near Ajloun Castle. The project contains 40 cars, each of which can accommodate eight passengers, and can be increased to 60 cars in the future, in addition to the starting and return buildings, a number of restaurants, administrative buildings and recreational facilities.

CLIENT: Jordan Free and Development Zones Group (JFDZ)

CONSULTANT: Mostaqbal Engineering and Environmental Consultants

SCOPE: Teleferik system installation with all related works including civil and MEP works.

Rovan Commercial Complex

Rovan Commercial Complex

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: A multi-story hotel suite building located in Amman-al Sweifieh consists of four stories. The building includes parking areas, a multipurpose hall, commercial stores, a swimming pool, and 105 hotel suites with an overall built-up area of 1760 square meters over 2134 square meters of land.

CLIENT: Mr. Humaidan Al-Hamaideh

CONSULTANT: Mohammed Abu-Salem for Consulting and Supervision

SCOPE: Skeleton works including all reinforced concrete, steel structures, thermal insulation and stone works.

INDO- Phosphric Acid Unit (CON4)

INDO – Phosphoric Acid Unit (CON4)

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Expansion of a 6000 cubic meters phosphoric acid storage tank in the Aqaba Industrial Port, complete with SS phosphoric acid piping and all related mechanical and electrical utilities.

CLIENT: INDO – Jordan Chemicals Company LTD

CONSULTANT: Suboh Consulting Engineers

SCOPE: Phosphoric acid tank design and build, steel structure, SS phosphoric acid pipes, concrete structures, mechanical and electrical utilities.

Aviation Handling Services Cargo Warehouse

Aviation Handling Services Cargo Warehouse

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The cargo warehouse project is located at Queen Alia International Airport (green field Project), the building to incorporate 2 floors with a total built-up area of 2000 sqm and a steel structure warehouse with an area of 5000 sqm, the ground floor as the operational and storage facility and the first floor to be used for the admin offices.

CLIENT: Aviation Handling Services 


SCOPE: The works under our scope comprise the Construction, completion, maintenance, and handing over of the cargo warehouse project located at Queen Alia International Airport (green field Project),  complete with infrastructure and site external works including the required support and coordination works.

New Air Conditioning Systems in Prince Hamza Hospital

New Air Conditioning Systems in Prince Hamza Hospital

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Removal of the old Air Conditioning System and replacement with a new Air Conditioning System including Chillers, FCUs, AHUs, and the related development of the existing infrastructure.

CLIENT: Prince Hamza Hospital

CONSULTANT: Prince Hamza Hospital

SCOPE: Dismantling and removing the existing air-conditioning system in Prince Hamzah Hospital and replacing it with an air-conditioning system that includes Chillers, FCUs, and AHUs, operating and implementing it